PyShell Plugin


The PyShell plugin is a plugin that is bundled with Editra to provide an embedded intertactive Python shell.


This section contains a quick list of features that this plugin provides

  • Execute python statements
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto-completion
  • Call tips


This plugin is already bundled with your Editra installation so it just needs to be activated (see Plugin Install Guide). Then to use it simply open an instance in the Shelf (View=>Shelf=>PyShell). This will open a new shell in the Shelf window.

The PyShell runs in the same instance of Python that Editra is running in. This means that all of Editra's internals can be accessed through the PyShell. It also means that for binary installation of Editra that only the modules bundled into Editra's binary can be used in this shell.

Usage beyond this is just as using the basic Python shell except for that PyShell provides auto completion and calltips for objects as you type.